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A Tourist Guide Information Site - Accommodation to all Greek Islands and Cities
All Rooms in Greece - Accommodation for Athens - Find a vacation place in Greece Hotels,Studios,Appartments, All Rooms in Greece  Information about Hotels  Studios  Appartments Rooms to let  bangalows all over Greece during vacations summer holidays Info for Ionian islands Corfu Leykada Kefalonia Creta  Skopelos Skiathos Allonisos Rodhes Mykonos Paros Aegean Islands Peloponnisos Creta

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Welcome to our new guide about accommodation in Greece.  This guide has been designed for visitors who want to find some information about accommodation all over Greece, Hotels in Athens, about Aegean islands like Santorini, Paros, Ios, Rhodes, Mykonos, Creta and Ionian Islands with the most beautiful beaches in the world with magic green crystall waters.


Visitors who intend to visit Athens or any Greek island at Inonian or Aegean sea are welcomed to search for accommodation to our directories. You can make an online reservation for a home that you see online or make a request and we'll find you the home you want and fits to your needs.

Soon it will be a virtual tour with unique photos of these places. Also this site is for owners who have a tourist businness and want to advertise it in our directories. So all will find something in this Guide for Holidays in Greece.

Use the left navigation menu to explore this site and find what ever you want easily. Here you'll find also information about every area in Greece, maps and how to go. There is a search facility and a site map.

Enjoy the virtual travel in Greece. We'll try to keep updated this travelogue daily.

Purpose of this site

The purpose of this site is to cover and concentrate in one web place all information someone needs about touristic resorts all over Greece and Greek islands. We will provide information about the following categories that are important for anyone who wants to visit Greece anytime of the year: Who said that Greece is beautiful only in Summer?

  • Accommodation
    • Hotels
    • Bangalows
    • Apartments
    • Studios
    • Rooms to rent
    • Camping
  • Online Reservations
  • Tourist Information

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